Friday, November 23, 2012

Another way to get to know your tools

It's pretty obvious that I will not complete the Pagan Blog Project this year. I've heard there will be  one for 2013, though, and I intend to sign up right away for that.

Not much new in my spiritual life. The other day I improvised a Tarot/Oracle card spread to ask about the nature of my wands, because I have trouble "hearing" them. I got the idea from Dusken's post "A Wicked Pack of Cards: Learning to Love Your Deck-Spirits," in which she suggests a
spread for getting to know your deck. This one is asking your deck to describe another object.

It may help to set the deck near the object you want to ask about for several minutes beforehand, and/or have the object nearby as you work. Shuffle, and ask, "Please describe [Object X]. What's it good at? What is it not good at?" and lay out the cards as numbered above. (More may be required, in particular in the Description section -- I felt like my answers were rather brief. Feel free to modify as needed.) Be warned: depending on the nature of your deck, your answer may be biased.