Sunday, August 4, 2013

Surprise PBP: Learn Your Poisonous Plants

This happens to coincide with this week's Pagan Blog Project prompt.

Today I was browsing photos at Getty Images for potential BPAL icons when I hit this gem:

The plant in the foreground is a species of nightshade. It is poisonous. Turns out that this plant or extracts from it do have useful medicinal properties (pupil dilation for eye surgeries, for instance), but mashing it up with a mortar & pestle is probably a bad idea.

Message of the day: when selecting components of your photograph of mysterious herbal medicine, make sure the plants are not lethal. Unless your goal is to display a poisoner's arsenal.

(This is a rare instance of me acting like an elitist snob. Or perhaps just ranting. Where else can I act that way sometimes, if not on the internet?)