Saturday, November 9, 2013


My partner and I go for walks in one of several places, usually once a week. It's a great time to chat without our usual digital distractions. We admire houses (if in a neighborhood) and keep an eye out for friendly cats. A lot of these homes have pleasant gardens. But it's surprising, how many fruits are left to fall and rot. We take a few, if we have space for them, stuffing our pockets with as much as they can hold. Today we discovered a fig tree -- the same fresh, ripe figs that are prohibitively expensive at the grocery store, when they're there at all.

(We found a couple ugly apples, too.)

We don't scrounge like this because we're starving. Together, we have enough money for necessities. Letting the fruit rot is just such an appalling waste to us. Why keep a source of food, if you (general you) will not harvest and enjoy it? At least we benefit from others' negligence.

I treasure these small finds. They make me feel more connected to my environment, instead of a brain tottering around on meat-stilts like when I'm sedentary for an extended period of time. If you take away anything from my writing, let it be this: enjoy the unexpected gifts from your surroundings. Oh, and free food is nice, too.