Monday, April 22, 2013


After I wrote the previous post, a friend privately pointed out to me that perhaps discontent with my real-life situation contributed to the feelings I was having. There is truth to that. But more interestingly, almost as soon as I made that post, the sensations of not quite fitting in my skin ceased for a time. They returned in a few days, but more muted than before. I am more grounded again. It seems that just admitting that stuff to the wider world cleared my head.

Lately, I have been trying to remove unhealthy things from my life. Examples of ways I am improving: spending less time in front of a screen, and thereby making that time more meaningful; sitting out on my apartment's tiny porch when the weather is nice; and making a conscious effort to keep the apartment semi-clean. These are small things, but together they contribute a lot to my well-being. Religious exploration is on hold for now. I will write when anything remarkable happens.

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