Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Energy Signatures

[For some reason I did not post this soon after writing it, many months ago.]

Sprung from reading Lady Imbrium's recent energy notes, and the reply I made to her.

For me, at least, the two "realms" of sensing intermingle -- or that may be because I have a weak othersense. I think I am best with objects, actually, as opposed to life-forms. I have...sympathy for them. Example: as part of a display at the grocery store, someone once draped a Western-style saddle over a barrel. I was drawn over to it, curious if it was actually broken. I could only see a few loose stitches and a weak strap. There was a good sheen on the leather that spoke of much wear. In short, it was still a perfectly good tool with years left in it...and it had been put in a corny display, as a parody of itself. Almost a mockery. To me, the saddle itself was sad because it wasn't being used for its intended purpose. Of course, I may have been projecting. In general, to get an all-around (not just mundane) feel for an object, I have to incorporate nearly all my senses. Touch is most important. Lift it (if possible), turn it over in my hands, tap it, run my fingers along it. I tilt my head, listening, but not for something I can catch with my ears. Needless to say I sometimes get self-conscious in stores, as it can sometimes look a little, uh, intimate, or just plain odd.

I also fully believe that objects, especially complex ones like cars and computers, have a kind of soul. Also, just by spending time using or near a thing, you soak up its energy, and/or it soaks up yours. So it's no wonder you jive with your favorite car: it's familiar to you (on a mundane level), you've spent a lot of time with it, and it knows you. That's not to say that things lose their signature, necessarily...but perhaps it changes to harmonize with the entities around/within it? Just speculating on that last bit.

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